Social media is always changing, due to consumer culture as well as exponential increases in the ability of technology. It is important for your business to stay on top of trends and developments as they emerge in the social media space, so you can grab hold and utilize them to your benefit. Here are some trends to keep an eye out for in the next year.

Conversational Commerce

One of the biggest shifts in online purchasing is that of completing transactions through social media, rather than having to visit the manufacturer’s landing page or website. Social media marketing, through messaging applications, has already developed the ability to send money between users, so the natural next step is for consumers to purchase goods and services through this type of service as well.

Social Proof 

Reviews and photos are essential to marketing your business on the web and on social media. For instance, make sure to incentivize customers to utilize the review function of Facebook to give your business a rating, or to post photos of the products they received on Instagram. This way, other users will see a positive experience and be more likely to frequent your business.

Employee Influencers

Businesses will have a huge increase in views on advertising and company content if they are shared by actual employees, rather than simply the company’s social media accounts. Therefore, incentivizing employees to post positive content and reviews can be a huge way to boost your sales and create a good company reputation.

Interactive Content

Everyone has used Snapchat and Instagram filters at one point or another, and more social media sites are creating fun ways to interact with brands. This will exponentially increase as the positive brand engagement continues. Consider creating filters that epitomize your product or brand, so that customers will be reminded of you every time they use the filter to send to their family or friends or post it on social media.

Interest-Based Platforms

Although social media has been advertised as a way to have access to millions of people and businesses at your fingertips, sometimes the amount of advertising and content not relatable to your interests can be overwhelming. Therefore, specialized groups have taken a bigger role in how social media operates, bringing users together based on common interests.

With these predictions, you should be able to accurately formulate a marketing strategy for the coming year that will increase your sales.