Print Marketing is Still Thriving Despite Rumors

As the internet has boomed and many people turn to digital formats daily, a pessimistic rumor began to stir about print design and marketing that they were dying advertising formats. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Print is still useful and attracts interests and widespread circulation, but many firms or businesses don’t understand how to take advantage of such a lucrative and trustworthy format.

Print Versus Digital

There is no getting around the benefit of digital marketing reaching a larger and broader market. However, this reach, while good for prospecting, is not as effective as print in garnering and sustaining trust. Many print publications have experienced years of success, curating millions of subscribers that understand the value and effort it takes for a product to be marketed in such sources. Therefore, while digital may have a broader scope and scale, print has a more focused audience, which means the best marketing approach may be combining your digital and traditional efforts.

Benefits of Print Marketing

As stated, print is a lucrative marketing avenue, and when used in combination with other types of media, a business can truly capitalize on the marketing approach. However, there are plenty of advantages and benefits to a print campaign.

  • Credibility and history
  • Readers have larger attention spans
  • Targeted materials drive action
  • Greater flexibility and options

Print marketing is far from dead, and it just might be what your business needs to take your profits to the next level. Contact one of Value Added Branding representatives for more information.