Video advertising has been around for decades, but the way that it is used today is slightly different than its humble beginnings. Super-streaming company YouTube has major pull in the marketing industry, and with the onset of a new year, there are plenty of ways to place ads that can get you excited for 2020.

1. “Try On” Features Thanks To Augmented Reality (AR)

The future is here in this exciting new feature that allows users to digitally “try on” accessories like sunglasses and jewelry, as well as makeup and cosmetics. Imagine how convenient this handy little widget would have been all those times you bought something you ended up returning because you couldn’t try it on first. This feature is still a work in progress and will be perfected over time, but YouTube is excited to dip its feet into the waters of AR.

2. Bumper Ads

You’ve heard of bumper cars, but what are bumper ads? They are videos that are six seconds long, oftentimes playing in the middle of a video and without the option to be skipped. Skeptical that you can get your point across in only six seconds? Think again. Remember the success of the short-lived social media site Vine? Millions of users were able to create fantastic content using less time than that, plus Google is beginning to recommend bumper ads to marketers as well.

3. Vertical Video Ads

When you’re watching a video on your phone, sometimes the fact that video ads only play horizontally can be a visual distraction. Vertical video ads were a feature that was rolled out last year, and a steady stream of advertisers are beginning to catch on as well. This is good news, especially since 70% of YouTube videos are streamed on devices like tablets and phones.

4. Instant Review

This is an interesting one that YouTube is still developing. The idea is that they open their ad space up to 120 days preceding a big event like the Super Bowl or Olympics and allow companies to bid for ad space during these peak times. This could create a potential storm of competing bids and lots of money for all participating parties in the long run.

Using the video streaming company to help you market your business is a smart way to proceed into the new year. Since numbers are climbing and are only expected to grow, this is one platform that you should be taking advantage of.