With as fast as technology moves and how much it changes year after year, sometimes the design of your website can fall by the wayside. Look for the telltale signs that your website is due for a redesign.

It Looks Outdated

What was popular in 2009 web design is not necessarily what is popular today. If you start to see signs of age in aspects like the patterns, fonts and color scheme then you likely are in need of a website facelift. If you’re afraid that this will throw your customers for a loop, think of sending them marketing emails or announcing it on your website/social media platforms a few months in advance.

There Is No Mobile Version

Eek, talk about a website faux pas in this day and age! The world of marketing has gone digital, and many of the digital viewers are looking to their phones as their primary source for the internet. Don’t push out your mobile audience by not giving them a compatible website. Get your site updated to this decade by creating a mobile version too.

Your Website No Longer Represents Your Business Goals Or Company Culture

People change as the years pass, and our ideals and thought processes change as well. If your website no longer reflects the same company culture or business goals, then it’s something that you should make a priority to rectify. Consumers are searching for your business online, and if they find something outdated that makes your company no longer appealing, then you are inadvertently pushing away potential clientele.

There Is Little Traffic

You might notice that the number of website visitors has gone down recently. Look at your numbers a little deeper and see if this has been something that has been steadily declining. It could be time for something new if you see that you’re losing website views more each month.

Your Plugins No Longer Work

At the time the little widget you downloaded was the fanciest and best thing online, but if you’re using old technology that still runs on now-defunct programs like Flash then there’s a very good chance that many of your plugins are broken.

Creating a quality website is a tough thing to do, but if you notice that it just isn’t drawing in the same traffic that it used to then it might be time to redesign your website. It can be a scary and sometimes overwhelming undertaking, but when you look back at your hard work you will know that it was done for the right reasons.