Most business owners and managers understand that regardless of their company’s size, they must advertise to survive. Not only does it let people know you exist, but it helps you stay competitive by demonstrating your products’ features and benefits. In the technology industry, digital marketing is an indispensable method to get your message in front of a tech-savvy audience of potential customers. Here are some of the best ways to use it!

Digital Is the Best Way to Publish Content Marketing

It’s often said in advertising circles that “content is king.” But savvy marketers know that people can tell when they’re on the receiving end of advertisements, and they don’t like them. Especially on the internet! That said, there is a smart way for businesses in the technology industry to get around this without losing face. It’s called “content marketing,” and it’s a broad category of advertisements that take the form of social media and web posts, usually as videos. Content marketing is aimed at giving the audience a benefit beyond extolling a product’s features or price. It should help solve the problem.

How-to videos are perfect examples of content marketing. Let’s say your technology industry company sells wireless internet routers. Rather than producing a video about why your router is better or cheaper than your competitors, consider producing a video that tells them how to set up a wireless internet network in five easy steps. You can still feature your product, but the viewer will be more focused on the helpful nature of the post than the advertising aspect.

Provide Content to Other Sites and Backlink

It may seem counter-intuitive to want to post content on other technology company’s web pages, but if they have a bigger audience than you, it can really drive your traffic, especially if they link back to you.

Capture Email Addresses and Use Them for E-Blasts

Email blasts are the new direct mail. Whenever you have a customer interaction point in your sales funnel, ask customers to sign up for your blog or newsletter. You must be transparent about how that information is used, but if visitors see a benefit, they’ll happily jump on board. Invest in a third-party email marketing management contract and push useful content out to your email subscribers at least weekly.

Digital marketing is an essential element to success in a modern, web-based marketplace. Use these tips to help plan your digital strategy!