When you are utilizing Instagram for your business, you may be wondering how best to connect with your customers. Here are some of the best ways that you can take full advantage of the photo-sharing application.

Create a Catchy Bio

Be as informative as possible in your biography, but make sure that the wording is still attractive to your target market. You should use it to explain what type of professional you are, and the focus of your business. You can even add in a link that goes straight to your company website, which creates easy access for users.

Be as Authentic as Possible

Instagram is famous for celebrities creating enviable images through filters, but one of the best strategies for success is to remain as authentic and genuine as you can be. Rather than staged photographs, try posting candids of your team, or even selfies taken with your pets. These will elicit a much better reaction from your followers.

Utilize the Stories Feature

For quick snapshots of your daily operations, Instagram Stories is a great tool. It can also be used to link to other posts, or even your own so that you can gain more views if your photo does not directly show up on your customer’s feed. There are also many fun filters that can be used in stories, as well as a variety of backgrounds and typefaces to make each snap unique.

Show Valued Customers and Testimonials 

You can easily share customer testimonials through Instagram. Try to keep the same format and background for testimonials. It may be a good strategy to post them on the same day of each week so that your followers know what to expect. Make sure to feature a variety of customers from all different types of backgrounds and walks of life.

Go Live For Key Events or Information Sessions

A subset of Stories, Instagram Live is an integrated, live streaming accessory that can be utilized to broadcast to anyone who clicks on your icon within Instagram. If you are having your annual company leadership conference, introducing a new service, or anything else particularly noteworthy, going live can inform your customers of the importance, and get many of them to tune in.

You do not need to be intimidated by Instagram. With these solutions, you will be able to maximize your business’s potential and use it as a powerful tool to gain more customers.